Solar Pools

Eliminate the electricity cost of maintaining your pool

Say goodbye to your pool’s electricity bills! Return of investment in only a few years

We have several packages that will eliminate those costs so you can spend your summers without worries! At ARBo-ES, we understand that solar panels are not aesthetically pleasing, and this is what drives us to look for innovative ways to incorporate solar so that it looks great, integrates with it’s surroundings, and secures you energy needs

Starting at Euro 1500.00

ssive Heating of your pool!

Looking for a simple solution to heat your pool without using energy? Then try out our LilyPAD Pool Heaters. Made from durable materials, this product will raise the temperature of your pool by several degrees, allowing you to swimming while the neighbors are shivering with cold!

Starting at Euro 160.00

Pool Side Solar Gazebos! – For Either Power or Warmth, OR BOTH!

Integration is KEY, and this is where we excel. Our designers create structures that are beautiful, functional, and productive. Using CAD software, all our products are built with quality materials, providing you with decades

From ultra-modern to Tiki Bar styles…….

Starting at Euro 2100


Solar Powered Homes! – NO MORE ELECTRIC BILLS!!!!

Why stop at just saving money on your pool?

If there is one thing our clients loves the most, it’s not having to pay the electric company every month!

Call us or send us an email, and we will be happy to explain the advantages of living off-grid!

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