Solar Powered Homes

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Solar Powered Homes

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Living off-grid? We Have Many Solutions to Solve Your Energy Needs!

With the prices of solar panels having dropped significantly in the last 10 years, it is now financially feasible to live off-grid comfortably without breaking the bank.

Unlike many installers, we understand that solar panels are not very aesthetically pleasing and can ruin the look of a house, so our designs revolve around .

Some of Our Designs

This off-grid installation near Montserrat, Spain provides 4kWh of production to a small farm. The structure is a stand-alone with cement foundations designed to handle winds of 120km/h, and provides up to 14kWh of energy per day. The battery bank can handle 3 days of autonomy!

<-- Producing 3kWh of solar energy, this mounting structure was installed at a client's house in St. Pere de Ribes, Spain. --> Our Solar Gazebos can provide energy for your home or your pool, while providing shade from the summer sun!